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Continuing education 

IBAM, through a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified researchers, contributes to the Lifelong Learning process of the company, defined by the European Commission as “any learning activity that has been launched at any time in life, aimed at improving knowledge, skills and competences in a personal, civic, social and / or employment perspective", carrying out continuous training activities in collaboration with the business world.


Course GIS Open Source Base - QGIS Base: introduction to GIS and learning of Open Source QGIS software

(15/16/17 June 2016)


corso gisIn collaboration with TerreLogiche, a nationally recognized training institute and with the patronage of the Catania Order Engineer, IBAM organized the "GIS Open Source Base (QGIS) course in Catania: introduction to GIS and software learning Open Source QGIS".

QGIS Base is an 18-hour GIS training course, with an essentially practical approach to the use of Geographic Information Systems. The training module addresses the main conceptual and procedural aspects of geographic management and provides the operational knowledge needed to use QGIS, one of the best Open Source software packages in terms of functionality, flexibility and ease of use. The methodological approach of the course and the organization of the content are based on a well-tested workflow with the possibility for the participants to repeat the operations performed by the teacher at all times. The course deals with basic topics such as the management of vector and raster layers, mapping systems, georeferencing, vector drawing, database and printing. Particular emphasis is given to the mapping data available on the national territory, to the formats available in the GIS environment and to the exchange of data with other GIS and CAD software.


1st Course in Sicily for SAPR pilots certificated ENAC

(18/19/20/21 December 2014)


corso-droniIBAM has organized, in collaboration with Naturaltech srl, a company specializing in the areas of GIS services, GPS surveys, Mobile GIS, Satellite and airborne remote surveying, Thermography and Professional Training, the first drone pilot course in Sicily, held by the Ali School of Flight of Classe, training organization recognized by ENAC for the theoretical training of SAPR Pilots.


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