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Disciplinary resources

IBAM has become a reference point for a broad spectrum of  studies and research activities on Cultural Heritage due to its multidisciplinarycompetencies, its equipment and the number of scientific results published also in international journals.

In particular, IBAM activities are focused on:

Innovative methodologies for the understanding of ancient landscapes: application and development of integrated methodologies for the study and analysis of changes in settlements and territories during Antiquity, the Middles Ages and modern times.

Multidisciplinary studies in the field of archaeology within a Mediterranean perspective, particularly regarding Southern Italy, Sicily, Albania, Turkey and Crete.

Development of integrated multidisciplinary approaches for the analysis of ancient artifacts: from production to circulation and use.

Development and testing of chrono-typological and archaeometric analysis of the material products of the ancient world (ceramics, glass, metalware and systems of construction) with contextualized investigations and socio-economic analysis of the processes of production

and consumption.

Methodologies for the mineralogical, petrographic and physical-mechanical characterization of natural and artificial stone materials of the historical-architectural and archaeological heritage.

Integrated methodologies of investigation in situ  and in the laboratory for diagnostics of materials and products aimed at preservation and restoration of the architectural and archaeological heritage.

Methodologies for the selection and monitoring of interventions for the conservation of surfaces and structures.

Advanced techniques for non-invasive diagnostics and remote sensing for the identification and reconstruction of buried structures of archaeological interest, and for the study and restoration of historical buildings.

Advanced techniques of virtual reality for 3D reconstruction and remote appreciation of monuments and landscapes.

Studies and applications of satellite-based remote sensing and aerial photo-interpretation of historical and/or recent archaeological images.

Study and cultural validation of decommissioned industrial plant of the modern era.

Identification of natural and human risk factors relevant to the safeguarding of archaeological sites in Southern Italy.

Methodologies and physical techniques related to the historical built environment, with particular reference to indoor contexts and artifacts of historical-artistic interest.

On site and laboratory geopedological applications for the reconstruction of variations in the landscape and climate through history.

On site examination of vulnerability to earthquakes, achieved through technical and historical investigations of the damage generatedby past seismic events in Southern Italy, with particular reference to the region of Basilicata.


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