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IBAM is a multidisciplinary research Institute with high expertise and specialized skills in the field of knowledge, documentation, diagnosis, preservation, enhancement, fruition and communication of archaeological and monumental heritage. These skills are expressed through the multidisciplinary personnel of IBAM, composed of archaeologists, architects, geologists, engineers, chemists, physicists, computer scientists in addition to technical staff which supports actively all research lines.

IBAM has played a key role in multidisciplinary research activities, thanks to its scientific missions in Turkey, Greece, Spain, Iraq, Perù, Albania and other foreign countries, acquiring furthermore a significant experience in the development of projects and European research programs focused on technology transfer, development of ICT technologies, training activities all aimed at improving and enhancing a deep knowledge of archaeological heritage. Internationalization of research, strengthening of multidisciplinary studies, better communication among the four offices, success and excellence in European research projects and finally more investments in young researchers, constitute the main commitments of IBAM’s vision.

IBAM strategic research activities are about the study of technologies used for: the management of cultural information systems; cataloguing methods for the study of tangible and intangible archaeological heritage; the development of embedded laboratories on bioarchaeology, archaeometry and communication; the use of the latest information technologies employed for 3D reconstructions, augmented reality and web dissemination. The long-term aim of IBAM is to better share scientific data and disseminate in a more effective way the understanding of monuments and archaeological contexts.

To this end, IBAM works closely with the Convergence regions and policy planning departments aiming at creating in collaboration with regional, national and local authorities, several advanced research centres which can handle the realization of multiple initiatives on Cultural Heritage.

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