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IBAM has embedded infrastructures and equipment which are vital to the effective conduct of the researches of the Institute.

landisIBAM Laboratories in the three offices represent a fundamental support to the research staff of the Institute, enabling them more effectively to conduct research of international impact.

In particular, the acquisition of large equipment recently implemented thanks to the extraordinary plan of investment made by the CNR-MIUR agreement, has enabled a technological upgrade of the Laboratories. It is the vision of IBAM to create a “network of Laboratories" among research centres, universities and the business world with a view to increasing progressively their level of interaction.

In fact, in the framework of research conducted by IBAM researchers, especially on the basis of the teaching experience organized in the last years (see the case of thematic Summer Schools, Master of higher education, etc.). IBAM is planning to create several training workshops in collaboration with universities and academic institutes in order to organize lectures or seminars on specific topics related to IBAM research activities.

Recently, IBAM has implemented its collaboration with some universities of Southern Italy (i.e Agreement with the School of Specialization in Archaeology of Matera; the Postgraduate School of Archaeological Heritage and graduate courses in Cultural Heritage of Lecce; the Department of Humanities of the University of Catania and with the undergraduate programme in Cultural Heritage and Archaeological Science at Catania) in order to facilitate and enhance the international standing of its research.

Currently, the Institute has active the following laboratories in the three offices listed below.


The headquarters at Catania has four laboratories:


Archaeological Photography


Non-destructive analysis         

In Lecce there are six laboratories:                            

Laboratories of archaeometry, diagnostics and conservation

Laboratory of applied geophysics to archaeological and monumental heritage

Laboratory of Optical Microscopy, Electronics X-ray diffractometry

Laboratory of ICT applied to archaeological and monumental heritage

Laboratory of Ancient Topography, Archaeology and Remote Sensing

Laboratory of simulations of decay 

Finally, the Potenza office has two laboratories:

Laboratory for the investigations of the built environment and cultural heritage

Laboratory of Archaeology (in agreement with the School of Advanced Study in Archaeology of Matera University)


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