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Bilateral Accords


Bilateral Accord COLOMBIA – ACAC (Colombian Association for the Advancement of Science)

Purpose: to propose technologies and procedures for diagnostic analysis and intervention on two architectural complexes in Italy and in Colombia.

The end-goal is to conduct trials of a method of broadening the potential of the data obtained through integrated diagnostics and to bridge the gap between these results and the eventual understanding of them, avoiding the loss of information, which is inevitably compromised in its passage from the specialized practitioner to the end-user.

Various objectives have been identified, including:

-  to create a connection between the understanding of the technical specialist and the non-expert user through readily understood enhanced reality;

-  to develop procedures for integrated multi-scale and multi-sensor diagnostics and for use of the results in subsequent restoration proposals;

-   to study in an interdisciplinary manner the terminology and the constructional and architectural technicalities of fortified structures;

-   to promote training programmes with exchanges of expertise and knowledge, organizing scientific seminars and international congresses.

Geographical area of application: Colombia - Italy

Further information:

Nicola Masini

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Bilateral Accord GEORGIA – SRNSF (Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation)

Purpose: this joint research has the primary aim of strengthening cooperation, in the field of cultural heritage, between Italy and Georgia, promoting the exchange of information, technological transfer and the mobility of CNR researchers in Georgia in order to conduct archaeological activities in the field (excavation of Trialeti, in collaboration with the University of the Caucasus, Tbilisi) and to investigate and reconstruct the nature of contacts between the Caucasus region and the Anatolian/Aegean world in the course of the third millennium BC. In detail, the project is directed towards refining the use of the latest technologies for cultural heritage purposes, by means of collaboration between the offices of IBAM-CNR and the Rustaveli Foundation (Georgia) in the field of archaeometallurgy and the first use of metals in the Aegean and the Caucasus.

Geographical area of application: Georgia - Italy

Further information:

Massimo Cultraro

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Bilateral Accord TUBITAK – CNR: Hellenistic, Roman and Late Antique Housing in Turkey: the "Urban Mansion" of Sagalassos – An integrated approach to material culture

Purpose: in collaboration with Koç University of Turkey, to make an important contribution to the study of private housing in the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods in eastern Turkey, starting with a multidisciplinary study of the complex called the Urban Mansion, found in the extraordinary archaeological site of Sagalassos (Aglasun, Burdur). In particular, investigations concern the architectural design and decorative features of the Urban Mansion through the study of its stratigraphy and the various classes of finds from within it (pottery, metalwork, glass and other objects), fundamental prerequisites to the reconstruction of the history of the complex in its various architectural and functional phases.

Geographical area of application: Turkey - Italy

Further information:

Daniele Malfitana

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