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Advanced teaching


Advanced teaching and specialization are two main lines on which IBAM focuses its resources and energy. The attraction of young researchers, young PhDs, and their specialization, are two fields on which to plan new lines of action.

For several years, a close collaboration between researchers at the Institute and the world of university teaching has provided the environment for various experiments in the advanced teaching of specific skills. In this perspective, the creation of educational opportunities to engage young scholars in research being carried out, at home and abroad, by the IBAM researchers can serve to reinforce the strong bond that should unite classroom learning with practical experience in the field. The opportunities offered by the foreign archaeological missions have to be used to create the link between theory and practice; the goal of the new directorship is to stimulate more and more the various researchers involved in the archaeological missions to engage, through stable partnerships, young students of Italian and foreign universities.

The organization of teaching workshops is the first step for an involvement that can also lead to the design and implementation of subsequent projects (see the case of the Summer Schools, for instance).

The interaction, already well established, with the Schools of Advanced Study in Archaeology of the Universities of Catania, Lecce and Matera is a clear sign of a working strategy that can lead, in future developments, to crucial contributions.

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