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Photogrammetry Laboratory

Application areas/methods and technologies used 

LABORATORIO DI FOTOGRAMMETRIATerrestrial photogrammetry is a powerful control tool in surveying operations and technical analysis of monuments. High-resolution or high-resolution digital cameras are used for photo shoots, as well as high-quality "non-professional" SLR cameras or digital cameras.

The SFM softwares used make it possible to manage images taken from positions (from ground and from Drone) carefully chosen and linked to points on the ground (Ground Control Points) of known coordinates. The photographic series are made with DSLR cameras that can be used as APR payloads (typical: 4K video and 12/16 Mpx imgs) with different focal length lenses. In the course of experimentation is the integration between traditional and spherical chambers to be managed, in parallel, with SFM softwares (such as Photoscan, Zephir, etc).

The data extractable from these softwares can be 2D for the production of photoplanes and orthophotos to be submitted to mosaic or 3d (elaboration of digital models verifiable on the ground with total station and / or with Laserscanner) and can be integrated into georeferenced topographic and cartographic data. Always with SFM technique it is possible to make precise returns of objects coming from the excavation.


03 Vaso policromo da Centuripe04 Logana SMStudy Cases

- Prinias (Creta)

- Centuripe (Enna)

- Adrano (Mendolito)

- Paternò (Civita) 


Captions (from left to right)

1) Polychrome vase (Centuripe);

2) Funerary monument (La Dogana, Centuripe).


Manager of the laboratory

Salvatore Rizza,   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: +39 095 326583 


Samuele Barone, Cultural Heritage digitization

Tania Marchesini, Archaeologist

Angelo Nicolosi, computer scientist

Orazio Pulvirenti, archaeological drawing


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