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Laboratory of non destructive analysis

 EgittoThe LANDIS laboratory (laboratory for non-destructive analysis) is devoted to development of mobile instrumentation and innovative methodologies for the noninvasive characterization of cultural heritage and archaeological material. 

LANDIS techniques are based on X-ray beams (XRS) and charged particles (IBA) and are applied both as local analysis and through the most advanced imaging techniques.

The analyses, which are applied in situ, provide useful information for the knowledge and conservation of the artworks under study. The field of intervention of the LANDIS concern various materials like pigments, metal alloys, precious metals, ceramics, inks, glass.

Over the years, LANDIS has carried out scientific activities on artworks of high historic and artistic value belonging to the collection of the important national and international museums. These include the intervention on the materials of Tomb of Kha at the Egyptian Museum in Turin; the analyses of gold objects discovered in the Griffin Warrior's Tomb at the Nestore Palace in Pylos; the investigation of the painted panels of Pitsa at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens.

Applied Technologies: PIXE, Full Field PIXE, Full Field XRF e PAA 



PIXE- Scanner portatile Macro XRF

- Scanner portatile Micro XRF

- XRF confocale portatile 

 - XRF puntuale portatile

 - XRD portatile

 - PIXE portatile

Laboratory Staff

Dr. Francesco Paolo Romano

Dr. Lighea Pappalardo

Head of laboratory

Francesco Paolo Romano,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

+39 095 542338 (ufficio); +39 347 5380367 (cellulare) 

Additional Info

Fluorescenza a raggi X applicata alle tecniche pittoriche dell’antico Egitto

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